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:T stupid core membership is too expensive for me outright.

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I've been a thinking... I don't think a lot of people would be so up in arms -including in meself- if the people in charge of making core took a different approach to the situation and made a few adjustments.

1. Announcements.
        We got little to no warning about this whole deal which makes DA seem to be underhanded and trying to sneak it in that now we have to pay more than DOUBLE the previous price for premium upgrades and all they did was brand it something else and slapped a logo on it that is stolen from Soundcloud Pro. It's the exact same color and everything. If they gave us fair warning, possibly a month or two in advanced then people would have been ready. They would have bought upgrades before the prices rose, increasing sales dramatically because they didn't want to pay the outrageous price of $50 for a year. I know I would have renewed my membership early if I was given a warning and now I am pissed because I can't afford an upgrade now. I could barley afford the original $24 a year.

2. Running it alongside of premium instead of overriding it.

        So yah, I know DA is a business and needs to keep afloat somehow. With rising costs of running a business thanks to the government and their stupid insane taxes against businesses they probably were running thin on funds to keep the servers running and staff paid. So instead of charging everyone up the wa-zoo for an upgraded account they could have offered core as a SEPARATE type of upgrade and changed a few things about premium to make it worth while to upgrade to the more expensive membership. While it would piss some people off, others would accept minor changes.

    First would be altering the point conversion, for premium members lower it to $0.70 per dollar and make core have the current conversion of $0.80-0.85 per dollar. A $0.10 difference is not going to make too many people angry but for those who sell LOADS of things for points then change it all to USD for profit it would make sense for those people to upgrade to core since it is their own business that they are running, but for people like myself who only sell things occasionally, I would stick to the $0.70 conversion.

    Second they could change the way prints are sold. They could make it so core members could sell their prints for cash as is the current system but change it so premium accounts can only sell digital content for points and not prints. Again, if someone makes their living on selling prints, it would be worth their while to upgrade to core while people who don't sell any kind of print are free to stay as a premium and stick to the point system.

    Make it so core members have the ability to customize their pages further. Give core members the ability to apply custom css and branding to their page, heck they are paying enough for DA to give them that much! premium members would only have their custom widget boxes and journal skins still so nothing would change with that.
    There is probably plenty more that could be adjusted to make enough differences between premium and core (such as custom name colors perhaps?) to make them to separate things and keep the premium prices down. Hell even at $30 a premium account would be worth it so just bump the price up $6 instead of $26.

I don't know what annoys me the most, that ugly orange logo everywhere or the fact that it was thrown at us with no explanation. Tone down the orange, change the color to a pale blue (color of the stash writer logo or similar) or get rid of it all together. It's ugly and no one likes it and it was stolen. They like to preach about how bad art theft is but there they are stealing logos from other companies! GG, DA, GG. I applaud your hypocritical way of running the site.

I may add more to this if I think of anything. Input is welcomed :)


Info about me will go here. >.> when I have time.

For now you can find me on:

and some other places that I can't remember at the moment.


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Let me know if you need any changes.
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